Provoking Our Imagination Within the Kingdom

Pastor and author Brian Zahnd writes that "Jesus' parables are not conventional tales with a moral to the story. No, Jesus' parables are disorienting stories designed to throw us off balance and help us stumble into the unimagined alternative that is the kingdom of God."
Join us for the next four weeks as we seek to encounter the Kingdom of God in ways that grow us quietly and powerfully, both as individuals and as a gathered community.
The parables that we will explore together are -
Matthew 13:44 ~ Hidden Treasure
Mark 2:21-22 ~ New and Old Wine Skins
Luke 13:18-19 ~ The Mustard Seed
Matthew 15:10-20 ~ Clean and Unclean
I hope that you will join us, and bring others along, for our Sunday morning gatherings this August.