1 Peter 2:1-10

Welcome to our Coast Hills online Sunday gathering. We invite you to watch the service below as we pray, worship, and learn together. This week we continue in our sermon series - Cultivating Life: Becoming Good Gardeners. We will also be sharing in communion together so have some bread and juice ready as you watch the service.

Some helpful resources

The May 3rd Worship Playlist 

Oh Our Lord - All Sons and Daughters
Glorious Day - Passion
(Included in Video)
May the Words of my Mouth - Tim Hughes  (lyrics below youtube video)
Take My Life - Chris Tomlin
(Included in Video)

Coast Hills Kidz Life lessons can be found here


Community Care Donations will go to support the Cloverdale Community Kitchen. You can find information on how to give here . 



Soup Sunday! How we wish we could be sharing in a Soup Sunday lunch together this week. Until we can, we will share some of our Coast Hills family soup recipes. Find soup recipes here. If you would like to add a recipe please email [email protected].