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We all as human beings have a longing for something beyond ourselves....
During the four Sundays in Advent (November 29 through December 20), we will be teaching on the seven ancient prayers, also known as the O Antiphons, that are found in the ancient Old Testament book of Isaiah.  These prayers offer the names, or attributes of the anticipated Messiah, before the given name of Jesus had been revealed.  These names are also found in the popular hymn, O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Kevin Snyder, along with Brian Buhler, will explore these seven prayers of longing... for God's coming that is fully revealed in the Christmas story. 
As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, there is great longing within our world, within our communities and within our own hearts and minds.
I want to warmly welcome you to join us in exploring the longing of this Advent Season.