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This summer the Coast Hills preaching team will be going through the book of Philippians.  We are looking forward to diving into this inspiring ancient letter this summer.  Philippians is a small book in the Bible, only four chapters, but it is full of all kinds of wisdom and insight.  We hope that this series will leave you saying, "That's what it says!?" we will be taking eight weeks to go through the book.

July 7  Chapter 1:11-11 Paul's Prayer for Partners (Listen online)

July 14 Chapter 1:12-26 The Important Thing (Listen online)

July 21 Chapter 1:27-2:4 Living the (Reality of) Dream

July 28 Chapter 2:5-11 The Attitude of Christ

August 4  - NO GATHERING - We will not be gathering this morning.  We invite you to spend time getting to know your neighbors, having brunch with your Life Group and maybe invite friends, watch a sports game a friend's kid is playing in, or simply rest and relax.

August 11 Chapter 2:11-18 Working it Out While Shining Like stars

August 18 Chapter 3:1-11 Listening to the Bass Note of Joy

August 25 Chapter 3:12-4:1 Kingdom Living: Heaven on Earth

September 1 4:2-23 The Peace of God (the secret of contentment)

There is a really good video resource that gives a great overview of the book of Philippians by The Bible Project.  Click here to watch video  Although we will be breaking the book up a bit differently this video helps paint the picture of the context of the ancient people the apostle Paul was writing to.

Looking forward to learning together this summer!!