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We have been so amazed by the generousity of our Coast Hills family so far. As of the end of March we have raised $17,724!!



This past June at the Annual General Meeting, a proposal was approved to move forward with the project to complete the Coast Hills Ministry Centre. The project will make improvements on the multi-purpose side of the Ministry Centre to give it a more completed look and provide additional functionality for current use as well as future rental opportunities. Some work has already been done to generate ideas, meet with contractors and receive estimates for the work that will be done, and now it's time to start raising funds!


We are aiming to raise a minimum of $20,000 before construction work starts. The ultimate project fundraising goal is $30,000.


We will be tracking our fundraising progress by steps. Every footprint purchased will get us closer to our goal. We plan to have fun along the way so stay tuned for updates and announcements!


Your donation, no matter the size will help reach our goal. We thank you in advance for considering how you can give. Financial donations can be made in person on Sunday mornings or online. Be sure to mark your donation 'MC Completion Project' Can't give financially but would like to help in another way? Please reach out to the Facilities Team or contact the church office


Your Facilities Team

Carl Funk, Trena Janzen, Chad Koehn, Harold Ekkert and Tracy Armstrong