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Journey with us during this new upcoming series "Ancient Practices to Change Your Life." This 7-week series begins on September 9.

From Biblical times to the present there have been practices that people have incorporated into their spiritual lives.  These practices are anchored in the life of Jesus and his disciples and have the power to revolutionize your life.  These practices take discipline to develop but they will help us succeed in every part of our lives. 

This is NOT a series that attempts to get you into some new fad technique with empty promises, but rather an ancient time tested way of living that will CHANGE your LIFE the way it has for thousands of people throughout history.

As part of this series we have created a small group curriculum for small group study during these 7 weeks.  If you are not currently involved in a LIFE group we encourage you to join one on Sunday, September 9th.

The Life Group study booklet is available for download below.