Coast Hills is incredibly blessed to have Derian Julihn's family a part of our community.  Derian is actively involved at Coast Hills and part of our preaching team (click here to listen to Derian's sermons).

For his day job Derian is a youth worker with Langley Youth Unlimited and helps give leadership the the staff and volunteer team.  Derian loves what he does and feels called to work with youth - and he is pretty incredible at it!

Here is an excerpt from their website, "Our Langley team of youth workers strive to live out our faith, by that we mean that we want to follow the model of Jesus to walk alongside the hurting, the outcast and the rejected and treat them with dignity, honor and respect. While we would love others to join us on the journey of faith, our work is about living out the convictions we have to following that example, not forcing or manipulating others onto the same pathway that we follow. Our dream is that the youth of Langley would have the means to live a healthy life; physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually."

To learn more about Langley Youth Unlimited or to help support Derian -- click in the link!