Coast Hills is so blessed to have Paul and Ruthanne Wartman as a part of our community!  They bring a long history of wisdom, leadership experiences as well as a desire to be led by the Holy Spirit in all aspects of life.  They are an incredible example of what it looks like to follow Jesus.  We are also blessed to have Paul on our Coast Hills preaching team (Listen to Paul's sermons here)

Paul and Ruthanne give leadership with Global Disciples who "helps the local church fulfill its mission to make disciples of all nations among least-reached people."

Global Disciples Core Values are:

Intimacy with Jesus. Who we are and what we do flows from our relationship with Christ.

Trusting Relationships. Building trust with our co-workers, partners, and donors is essential.

Risk-taking Obedience. Obeying Christ requires the courage to risk all for our God-given mission.

Unwavering Integrity. Being authentic, accountable, and truthful in our words and actions.

Serving with Humility. Modeling the way of Jesus is our goal, living selflessly for God’s glory.

Transforming by Prayer. We want our work to be conceived, birthed, and carried out in prayer.

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