The Coast Hills Worship Arts Ministry seeks to help people discover and follow Jesus. We do this by creating opportunities for people to respond to God through worship and praise in a community, which in turn will inspire and cultivate a lifestyle of worship. 

Currently we have four worship teams that regularly lead our Sunday morning gatherings in worship and praise. Practice times and dates vary depending on the availabilty of the team. 


HOSTING - Actively seeking to provide a welcoming and relevant space for people to worship Jesus and hear from Him (1 Cor 2:11; John 16:18).
HOLDING - Caring for those that we are in ministry with by identifying, cultivating, and nurturing each other as we journey in ministry together (Matt 28:19; Luke 10). 
HONOURING -  Always leading worship in a way that directs people's attention to Jesus and what He has done and continues to do in our lives (Romans 12: 1-2; Psalm 92:1-5).